I'm Jessica Ly, the creator of Fashion Bake and the proud daughter of refugees. My parents are the Vietnamese boat people who escaped during the Vietnam war. Throughout generations our homes have been displaced but one thing that has remained is our food. Home for us isn’t a’s wherever our comfort food is - it’s where simple dishes passed down generations are served on our tables. ⁠


Our food represents our journey from Vietnam, to Hong Kong, to the UK. Food has the power to connect and bring people around a table and create memories. It's our love language. I want everybody to feel the way I feel when biting in to our dumplings...pure JOY. 

In March 2020, I was made redundant effective immediately from my marketing job in London. The first thing I made/ate was dumplings. Loads of them. ⁠In a state of anxiety and fear, pleating dumplings became my therapy. I spent the next 2 months recipe testing and had 5 weeks left of my tenancy in Royal Wharf, London. I had an idea. I LOVE dumplings, they're a staple in our house and the best comfort food...what if I tried selling frozen dumplings?⁠ EVERYBODY needs frozen dumplings in their freezer - they're delicious parcels of joy and super quick and easy to make and ready in under 20 minutes! 


⁠⁠My mission throughout my life has always been to make a difference no matter how small, to spread happiness and joy. Making dumplings, feeding the community and connecting with you via food is my way of spreading happiness.


We're on a mission to spread happiness and joy, one dumpling and bao at a time!  We're currently based in and feeding the community in Northampton!