I'm Jessica Ly, the creator of Fashion Bake and the proud daughter of immigrants. My parents were the Vietnamese boat people who escaped during the Vietnam war. ⁠

🌱  I'm somebody who is on a constant journey of growth and revelation and have never wanted/did fit in to one "box". I don't believe that we can and should only be able to do one thing at a time or doing something the way it "should" be done according to society - whether that's a job or a career, or creating. I love learning, growing and consistently feeding my curiosity for life. ⁠

💫  Life is about giving. Uplifting others. Living with good intent and extending a helping hand where and when we can. Growth. Transformation. Reinvention. Doing the best you can with what you have. Trying new things. Innovating. Learning and loving and teaching others. It's about standing up for what's right, and speaking the truth even when your voice shakes. ⁠

🧡  It's about discovering your passion and using it to serve your community. My purpose in life is to spread light, happiness, kindness and GOOD FOOOOOOOOD and I'm just getting started. ⁠

Fashion Bake has always been a side hustle but the stars have aligned and the time has finally come...there is fire in my belly. I'm a creative creator and in the words of @ShondaRhimes, the hum has started and I'm striving for greatness.

We're on a mission to spread happiness and joy, one dumpling and bao at a time!